As Bermuda braces for Gonzalo, underwater glider studies hurricane impact

An oceanographer is deploying an undersea glider to take measurements during the Category 3 storm, which is expected to hit Bermuda. Hopefully, the rare underwater perspective will yield insights that can be used to develop forecasting models.

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Looking to the Future: Careers in Ocean Science

While majors in medicine, computers and information management, and biotechnology remain popular, there are a variety of majors in ocean science that can provide Bermudian students with unique opportunities to explore the world and contribute to the global understanding of how the ocean influences climate change, the world economy, and our daily lives.

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Marine Science Summer Courses in Bermuda


The application deadline for applying to our summer courses is just a week away, April 15th. Late entries will be considered depending on availability.

Our summer courses are offered to undergraduates and recent graduates, and partial scholarships are available to international students from developing countries, US, Canadian and UK students, and academic credit transfer is possible.

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Summer Interns Reflect on Their Experiences

After spending the summer working in BIOS labs on a variety of research projects, the 2012 interns have headed back to their respective universities to continue their studies.  Before they left, some of the interns took a moment to talk with us about their experiences.  Read on to learn what a typical day is like in the life of a summer intern, as well as some memorable moments and what the interns feel they gained from their time at BIOS.

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BIOS Helps Teachers Bring Science to Life

While students enjoy the half-term break this month a group of approximately 50 teachers–many from the public school system–will be participating in the annual BIOS Professional Development Workshops.  The workshops emphasize making real-world connections between current scientific research topics and what’s being taught in science classrooms.

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