BIOS is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support eight undergraduate internships during Fall 2013 as part of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program. The REU program seeks to engage students in active, hands-on, mentored research in a variety of science and engineering disciplines. With an emphasis on attracting diverse student populations (including minorities and women), the REU program provides participants with valuable support for academic experiences that prepare them for successful future careers.

REU students at BIOS have the opportunity to conduct intensive research projects in several areas of active research, including:

  • Biology, chemistry, and physics of the open ocean;
  • Biology, physiology, and biochemistry of coral reef ecosystems;
  • Molecular biology of marine organisms;
  • Environmental chemistry of Bermuda’s atmosphere and inshore waters;
  • Effects and consequences of global environmental change.

Since first being awarded an NSF-REU grant in 1991, BIOS has trained and mentored over 150 undergraduate students from 92 colleges and universities. For students in smaller liberal arts colleges without dedicated research components, the REU program provides crucial training and hands-on experience. Here are what some of last year’s REU students had to say about their semester at BIOS:

“This was an all-around wonderful experience for an undergraduate student to partake in. It allows for the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience and broadens laboratory skill knowledge. I also had the opportunity to go out to sea aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer, a state of the art research vessel, on two different occasions in order to collect water samples for my experiment. I was able to practice my public speaking and presentation skills…and I gained valuable experience and feedback writing a comprehensive paper on my research.”  Jennifer Trapani, University of Buffalo

“The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences NSF-REU Program was the perfect opportunity to see first hand what living the life of a researcher was all about. My mentor was incredible and designed an elegant, thought-provoking, yet accessible project and provided unyielding support throughout my research. She provided all the tools I need to succeed and the freedom to develop a sense of ownership of the project. As a result, the research project was quite successful and I was able to present my findings at the 2013 Tester Symposium at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where I was awarded best Undergraduate Oral Presentation.” Paul Bump, University of Hawaii

“As an undergraduate I have had many opportunities to do research, but the BIOS REU Internship program offers something truly unique.  I had the opportunity to execute novel research in the field of coral reef ecology, and this experience has completely molded and defined my research interests for graduate school.  Additionally, the mentoring experience at BIOS was unbeatable.  My mentor provided support and guidance when I needed it, but allowed me to call the shots and work independently when I didn’t need help. This instilled a sense of ownership and pride in my project and it allowed me to grow as a young scientist.” Kelly Speare, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

To see an up-to-date list of research projects for Fall 2013, or to learn more about the REU program at BIOS, please visit: This page also includes a list of past REU projects, links to the current application form, and instructions on completing and submitting and application (including eligibility and terms of fellowship).

The deadline to apply for the Fall 2013 REU Program at BIOS is Thursday, May 30, 2013. Please direct any questions to the BIOS Education Coordinator at