The newly constructed mesocosm facility provides scientists with an unparalleled opportunity to conduct research in controlled aquatic environments that are open to the sunlight and air, thereby closely simulating natural conditions. Using this approach, scientists can take certain factors from "the real world" into account with their experimental design and results, while maintaining the abiity to manipulate a range of environmental factors, such as salinity, pH, and nutrients.

The BIOS mesocosm facility contains:

  • 24 tanks (30cmx100cmx60cm) used as header and discharge tanks;
  • 12 tanks (100cmx100cmx60cm) used as experimental tanks;
  • jet pumps;
  • flow meters;
  • seawater connections;
  • electrical connections;
  • separate pump house.

These resources offer researchers with four experimental setups that can be run simultaneously. Originally designed and constructed for the BEACON program, the mesocosm facility is ideal for research on a variety of topics, including ocean acidification, biological recovery, and ecosystem resilience.